Rolloteh"Rollo teh" is a private firm from Jagodina whose basic activity is production and installing of Al blinds, PVC blinds, Al roll larders. Firm was founded in 2000 as I.T.S. "NMG". Because of the business range enlargement, and the need for independent export of final products and supply of repromaterijala from abroad since 2006 we have changed the form of organizing and we wotk under this name.

Rolloteh The owner and the director of the firm is Goran Jakovljević. The activity of our firm is related to the building season works, so the period of september-october is the period of biggest presure, although the production is done during the whole season permanently. In 2006 we produced and delivered to our buyers across Serbia and Montenegro about 10.000 m2 of blinds i roll larders while we delivered to our clients from France , Switzerland , Austria and Lybia 1200 m2 of PVC and Al blinds.
In the process of Al blinds and Al roll larders production we are using the following auxiliary goods:
  • Blinds and garage doors: "Alulux" Germany ; "Doral" Greece ; "Profine" Germany ; "SKS Stakusit" Germany ; "Rolete Kosec" Slovenia ; "Viomal" Greece
  • Roll larders: "Ideco" Greece ; "Tehni" Greece
  • Electromotors: "Somfy" France, "Acm" Italy
ReferenceThere are total of 10 permanently employed , 7 are in production which takes part in two shifts, one worker is permanently engaged at exhibition sallon and there is a worker in bookkeeping. The products are distributed at the market of central Serbia , Montenegro and foreign market ( France , Switzerland , Austria and soon Sweden ) Business policy of the firm is that it can always more and better, so according to that we reached certain results, scheduled new goals and we are trying to achieve them. Time will show if we were right and how much effort we made for achieving of the established goals. By purchasing of building ground next to the highway Belgrade-Nis on entry to Jagodina and by making of business plan we are preparing to begin buliding of business object of 1.600 m2 for production plant as well as 300 m2 for commercial financial part which we intend to begin in autumn 2007. With new machines productive will be more productive. We are planning enlargement of production range in area of roll technique, so we are now in negotiations with the partner from Italy.
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